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Cassoulet's Origins

Cassoulet frais dans sa cassole
In the year 1337. . .

Castelnaudary, they called Estouffade (stew), today Cassoulet but the recipe is still the same.

In the history of gluttony, the origin of cassoulet is very controversial.

Legend has it that during the siege of Castelnaudary during the 100 years war (1337 - 1453) was cooked, the first "estofat" beans.

Cassoulet de mère en fille
Cassoulet, a history of generations
Bringing together all available reserves, cooks of this ancient time have prepared a single dish consisting of beans and various meats to invigorate the brave defenders of the city. After the hearty meal, well watered, the chauriens rushed to the English army, panicked, raised the siege and stopped, according to legend, to the shores of the English Channel.

Some historians attach to a different version that the bean crop would have been introduced in France and XVII century by the Arabs. Further ensure that the beans were known in our country long before the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, and was grown extensively in the Southwest.

un cassoulet cuit chez le boulanger
Cooking cassoulet from the baker

If the origin of cassoulet seems very difficult to establish, the etymology of the name is more commonly accepted: the potters Issel, a small village 8 km from Castelnaudary, manufactured terracotta containers, called Cassoles, and in which Cassoulet simmered.

The literature do not betray the union between CASSOULET and CASTELNAUDARY.

Anatole FRANCE wrote: "I will lead you into a small plug of Vavin in Clemence, who is one single dish, but an amazing dish:" Cassoulet of Castelnaudary. "He continued:" It should not be confused Cassoulet de Castelnaudary with that of Carcassonne which is a simple leg of lamb with beans. "He indicated the other hand:" Le Cassoulet de Castelnaudary contains goose legs confit, beans previously bleached, bacon and a small sausage . He cooked on a low heat for a long time. "

fabrique de Cassoles
Manufactures cassole
Family lunch at the cottage, holiday meals for the end of the harvest or evenings with friends spooled a wood fire ... Here in this corner of France, we saw a bit like that, the family is a place of worship. It holds many traditions, especially when linked to the traditions of the table. You do not mess with the customs!

Prepared confit of goose or duck, cassoulet is the result of this legacy.  

This dish typically rude peasant and comforting taste, shows a real quest for authenticity. 

The return of flavors that were thought extinct, rediscovered a forgotten pleasure.

atelier de poterie avec un potier fabriquant des cassoles

The cassoulet was named the dish in which it simmers: the cassole.
This earthenware pot is made by potters Issel, a village 8 km north of Castelnaudary. Quality insulation is ideal for cooking cassoulet necessarily slow and uniform distribution of heat in the dish.


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